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Yurt life is here and it came on fast. We signed the contract to purchase our yurt in mid-March this year, gathered materials over a few weeks, built the platform in a weekend, raised the yurt on April 16, and moved in full-time on April 30. We still have a lot of settling in to do—a lot of projects to complete and a number of projects to start.

This is That Yurt, where we’ll document those projects and our progress and our experiences in off-grid yurt life and yurt living.

The explicit reasons for this site are twofold and not unrelated: first, we are both writers and want to share our stories and experiences from this adventure; and second, in researching and preparing for our transition to yurt life, we relied on many good resources (friends, first and foremost, as well as books and the internet). So we aim to not be selfish—we want to contribute with a hopefully useful (or at least mildly entertaining) resource of our own.

The past month and a half have been busy. There’s much more to do. Stay tuned!

– Kevin & Annie & Henry & Holly

Ready for yurt life!

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