More coming soon! If you have another question, feel free to email us: thatyurt (at) gmail (dot) com. We also recommend checking out our PDF Yurt Guide.

Where did you get the yurt?

Two Girls Farm & Yurts in New Hampshire.

Where is That Yurt?

Southeastern Vermont.

How much did the yurt cost?

The Two Girls yurt pricing can be found here. Our Yurt Guide (linked above), also has a chart comparing yurt prices across different companies. Of course, there’s more cost than simply the yurt—building the platform, for instance, getting a wood stove if you need one, building the interior of your yurt to match your dream vision, etc.

Do you have electricity?

Kind of! We have a post here about our current solar panel, battery, and LED light setup. This setup is relatively recent, though. For the first year+ we lived without a power source, using small solar powered lights from MPOWERD as our light source. The battery enables us to charge computers, phones, and run the lights, though we don’t use any appliances or anything else.

Do you have running water?

Not inside! We ran a hose from an old spring house into our yurt clearing, and we haul water from that hose, and filter it with a gravity Aquacera carbon filter.

Do you live in the yurt in the winter?


Is the yurt warm enough in the winter?


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