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Old jam jars and mason jars are cool (and okay, we admit it, we sometimes use salsa jars), and it is of course good to reuse those as glasses, but for those evenings at home when you’re dreaming of the peaks as you sip on your whiskey or beer, these mountain-inspired glasses should do the trick. Each of these glassware options features North American mountains and international massifs, so they’re perfect for the outdoorsperson in your life, even if that’s you—come all ye skiers, mountain climbers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, and armchair mountaineers rereading Into Thin Air every year like clockwork.

Whiskey Peaks – Mountain Whiskey Glasses

Set of four glass whiskey tumblers with mountain impressions in the bottom made for Huckberry

When you can’t make it to the mountains, but you’ve got mountains on the mind—or, hell, maybe just after a day of peak-bagging, if you’re that sort—Whiskey Peaks has a set of four hand-blown whiskey glasses to help sate the upward pull of high places. The bottom of each glass features the topography of some of the most famous mountain peaks in America and around the world: Half Dome in Yosemite National Park; Denali in Denali National Park & Preserve; Mount Rainier in Rainier National Park; and Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park; and iconic international mountains like the Matterhorn and Kilimanjaro. Other glassware sets feature the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canyon, Everest, and others. And for the nights that call for a beer, they also now have a Half Dome pint glass. These mountain glasses are designed in San Francisco and made in Chengde City, China, exclusively for Huckberry.

North Drinkware – Mountain Tumblers and Pint Glasses

Glass whiskey tumbler with mountain impression in bottom made by North Drinkware

North Drinkware’s drinking glasses also celebrate America’s most iconic mountains, and they offer a larger selection and greater geographic range (looking at you, Camels Hump of Vermont Green Mountain fame, and also hey there, Rocky Mountain Maroon Bells, good to see you). Like the Whiskey Peak glasses above, North Drinkware’s glasses are hand-blown and feature each mountain’s recognizable topography raised in the bottom. In addition to their broader geographic range, they also have a broader selection of pint glasses, in addition to their whiskey tumblers. They’re more expensive than other choices (roughly the same price for one tumbler as for the four-set above from Whiskey Peaks), but notably they’re designed and made in America (Oregon, to be specific). And while you’re on their site, check out their other mountain-inspired durable goods, like blankets made from Pendleton Woolen Mills wool.

63 Above – Mount Everest Whiskey Tumblers

Glass whiskey tumbler featuring raised topographical impression of Mount Everest, handblown by 63Above

A relative newcomer on the scene, 63Above offers just one mountain-inspired whiskey glass—the Everest, which they sell in a set of two (only on Amazon, at the moment). Like Whiskey Peaks and North Drinkware, the Everest glasses are hand blown and made from 100% lead-free glass. The business contact information is, surprise, San Francisco, but unclear whether these glasses are made in the U.S. or elsewhere.

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