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contents of the foraging kit from farmsteady

This new section of the site is to highlight things that we think are cool, useful, fun, or thought-provoking. They range from lifestyle level-ups to skills-building to pure diversions, and any combinations thereof. This week we’ve got a beginner’s foraging kit, a bird guide, and a video worth watching. Enjoy!

Foraging Kit from FarmSteady

foraging kit from farmsteady

This beginner’s foraging kit was all the rage over the holidays (full disclosure I got this for Annie). It’s made by FarmSteady in New York, which also makes a ton of other cool kits (fermenting kits, bagel kits, etc.), but because of its popularity it appears to be sold out on their website. You can still get it from Uncommon Goods, though. This is for looking forward to warmer weather, to fiddleheads and chanterelles.

Sibley Guide to Birds, Second Edition

sibley guide to birds book cover

With all the time we’re spending at home, we’ve been using our bird guide to lend some purpose to the window-gazing. Around here it’s mostly black capped chickadees and blue jays (fun fact: blue jays migrate south from their home base for winter and replace the local populations, so the blue jays we see out there in the snow are not the same that live here in the summer). Note the “second edition” of the classic Sibley book here. The Audobon Society recommends this one in particular, after “a stir” about the first edition.

Adrianne Lenker – NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Adrienne Lenker’s new album from 2020 is so, so pretty. Plus the fact that she’s performing in a tank top from a camper in the desert makes me yearn for warm weather. But until then, birdwatching and the new Adrianne Lenker on repeat.

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