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  • Spotlight: Dirtbag Steve Discovers the Internet

    Our friend Steve is a dirtbag. Like, really dirty and really baggy. Like, who-let-him-into-the-yurt dirty. Maybe you’re a dirtbag too. Or maybe you’re just sociologically curious about that strange fringe of the population. Either way, he recently started a blog that is worth adding to your subscription list, in which he documents his “grungy life searching out […]

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  • How to Build Solid, Simple Sawhorses in Under an Hour

    Cheap and simple sawhorses,

    A good set of sawhorses is indispensible. Somehow, though, we made it through summer working on sawhorses that are old, rickety, and too short. Now that we’ve built these cheap, rock solid, and simple sawhorses, we’re wondering why we insisted on suffering for so long. This post is short because this project is short (and […]

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  • Yurt Raising Day: Unfurling the Dream

    The yurt came! The yurt really came! Ken of Two Girls Farm & Yurts drove his truck up our steep hill in the southern Vermont woods, pulling behind him our new, as-yet unassembled home on a utility trailer, all ratcheted down in a neat little package. And after spending two full days building the platform, […]