About That Yurt

Annie & Kevin & Henry & Holly moved into a yurt in southeastern Vermont in April 2016. This site shares our experiences and insights into off grid living, as well as content related to alternative and sustainable living—from yurts and tiny homes to gardening and book recommendations.

If you’re looking for someplace to start, everyone likes a good time-lapse, right? Here’s the yurt-building day.

Who Are We?

We met back in 2010, in graduate school at The University of Alabama, where we both got MFAs in creative writing. Annie is a nonfiction writer and also has an undergraduate degree in photography and photojournalism. Kevin mainly writes poetry and sometimes short stories, and also our newsletter and this here blog you’ve found yourself on.

So if you see some photos here or on our Instagram that you really like, it’s more than likely Annie took them. For a killer metaphor, Kevin might be able to fill in in a pinch.

Got any questions? Get in touch: thatyurt (at) gmail (dot) com

Exhausted after yurt raising day.
Exhausted after yurt raising day in spring 2016.