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This week’s Good Stuff is more stuff we like, stuff we own, and stuff we recommend—this time with an eye toward being cozy, one more way to choose plastic-free, and some added inspiration for the year ahead.

Darn Tough Boot Socks

merino wool boot socks with full cushion from darn tough vermont

These are the most comfortable socks you’ll ever own, I swear to you, whether you’re wearing boots or not. They’re made of wool and have a thoroughly cushioned bottom. And you get to choose from whimsical-yet-tasteful patterns suited for the winter season. Regardless of the patterns you choose, be sure to opt for “full cushion.” Your feet will thank ya.

Plastic-Free Pasta Box — Bionaturae Pasta

plastic-free pasta box from bionaturae pasta

This pasta is organic and comes in 100% plastic-free packaging. Traditionally, that little plastic window on otherwise recyclable cardboard pasta boxes has been pasta’s missed chance—so close! You almost did it! But on the bionaturae box, the clear film on the little window is 100% home compostable, so all you have to do is remove it, add it in your compost, and then recycle the cardboard box. Boom. Plastic-free pasta.

Dirtbag Diaries — “Year of Big Ideas” (Podcast Episode)

This is a highlight of every new year, and every new year I forget it’s coming, only to be made that much more ecstatic when I see it populate the podcast feed. The episode is an audio montage of myriad voices articulating their hopes and goals for the year to come. The diversity of voices and the range of goals—from the mundane to the mountain-related—creates a sort of pointellated vision of hope and optimism and motivation for the future. The entries are heartfelt and funny and gosh darn inspiring. Absolutely worth a listen.

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