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  • Siberian Nomad Homes: Yurts, Yarangas, and Chums

    Photo of Altai yurt

    An article by Alexandra Seven on Russia Beyond the Headlines looks at the traditional homes of indigenous Siberian nomad families, with some really great photos. She describes the traditional structures: Siberian nomads made their traditional homes – chums, yarangas and yurts – from animal skins, wood, hair and wool. The frame was always wooden. In warm seasons, the frame […]

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  • Spotlight: Dirtbag Steve Discovers the Internet

    Our friend Steve is a dirtbag. Like, really dirty and really baggy. Like, who-let-him-into-the-yurt dirty. Maybe you’re a dirtbag too. Or maybe you’re just sociologically curious about that strange fringe of the population. Either way, he recently started a blog that is worth adding to your subscription list, in which he documents his “grungy life searching out […]