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The snow is finally here for real! On Sunday night we got about 10 inches of the fluffy white stuff, which impacts us practically in several ways — how we get water, how we get to the yurt, etc. — but that’s for another post to come. Snowpack also means eye candy and yurt drone photos, so here they are.

Aerial Photo #1: The Yurt Clearing

Here is the clearing in which we made our home, covered in snow and streaked by morning light. And of course us, freezing our butts off in the snow. | Photo by Federico Pardo

Our friend, excellent documentary photographer, and new drone nerd Federico came by the other morning to play with his new toy, and we benefited from it. Above is an aerial shot of the yurt clearing.

To the top right of the photo, where you can see the shed, is also where we enter through a break in the stone wall to go up and down the hill to our cars and the rest of society. The path in the snow leading down from the yurt toward the bottom of the photo is where we pass through our woodpiles and get to the outhouse and compost bins (in the trees at the bottom of the photo). The path from the yurt toward the top left is where we walk into the woods to get water, now that the spring hose partially froze. (More on that in a future post.)

Aerial Photo #2: The Yurt and Our Immediate Environs

Can you spot the yurt in its snow camouflage? | Photo by Federico Pardo

The above photo shows the road, the yurt, and the spaces in between. Here’s an annotated version:

A labeled version of the yurt’s immediate environs.

Thanks for looking! To see more of our friend Federico’s work, check out his site and Tropico Media.

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