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Yurt cost is probably the most common question when people are considering the option of living in a yurt, and wondering whether they can afford it. When we were looking into yurt life, we did a LOT of research about our options, because there are a LOT of yurt manufacturers out there (well, relatively). Eventually we compiled all the research we did into a PDF Yurt Guide.

So, how much does it cost to buy a yurt? The short answer is that there is a wide range of yurt cost. Depending on your particular needs and wants, the cost of your yurt will be anywhere from $4,000 to $30,000. Read on for more details.

The Cheapest Yurt You Can Buy

The most affordable yurt on the market also happens to be, in our opinion, the prettiest. The 14’ diameter yurt from Two Girls Farm & Yurts has a sticker price of $3,700. It is handmade from locally sourced saplings in New Hampshire. (We’re biased because this is the type we chose, in 20’ size.) Unfortunately, this is only an option for people living in the Northeast, as they only deliver to a handful of northeastern states.

There are other affordable yurt options in this ballpark, though:

Nomad Shelter (Alaska) sells a 12’ yurt for $5,000 (and also makes a ton of larger sizes for incrementally larger costs).

Shelter Designs (Montana) sells a 12’ yurt for $5,460 (and also makes a bunch of larger sizes).

Pacific Yurts (Oregon) sells a 12’ for $5,475 (ditto larger options).

A yurt from Nomad Shelter in Homer, Alaska.
A yurt from Nomad Shelter in Homer, Alaska.

The Most Expensive Yurt You Can Buy

At the other end of the yurt size and yurt cost spectrum are some truly gargantuan yurts—all the way up to 40’!

Nomad Shelter (Alaska) makes a 40’ yurt for $27,825.

Shelter Designs makes a 40’ yurt for $23,100.

Remember to Factor in Additional Yurt Costs

Remember that these sticker prices are for the standard yurt itself—delivery and adding options like additional windows and different styles of doors or skylights or etc. will cost extra.

And you’re responsible for building the platform for it and for furnishing it (obviously). I think it’s safe to say we easily spent another several thousand on the platform materials and building custom furniture for inside.

So What Yurt Size Is the Right Size?

Choosing the size of your yurt truly depends on your particular situation: is it for full time living or use as an auxiliary building or rental, how many people and animals will be living in it, what sort of amenities you hope to have, etc.

In our experience—living in our yurt since 2016—we are perfectly happy with our 20’ yurt. We would definitely not go smaller if you’re going to live in it full time, but we also don’t ever find ourselves wishing for more space. (We did choose to move into a yurt, after all!)

A 20’ yurt will cost in the ballpark of $9,000, depending on who you buy it from and what options and add-ons you choose.

>> For an in-depth compilation of yurt cost, options, sizes, cost of add-ons and standard features, etc., check out our Yurt Guide.

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