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Screenshot of Frye's van from the FLORB YouTube documentary

We spend plenty of time discussing what life might look like after the yurt, whether that means a school bus, a “real house,” or simply rebuilding the yurt on a different plot of earth.

For their mobility, vans are also an attractive option, and would seem to be the next logical step in the world of Tiny-Living-Instagram-Limbo (how small can you go???).

Skeptical as I may be sometimes, I’m also a sucker for the videos. Taken with a handful of salt, I think every video has at least a small bit of off-grid inspiration to gain from it.

This video of Frye and his van (@fryesvan on Instagram) is deceptively titled (“This Budget Micro Cabin…”) — ain’t nothing “budget” about Dometic overlanding refrigerators, solar panels, and battery banks.

And yet I find inspiration in the fact of that adorably tiny wood stove. Being able to keep warm in cold climes in a tiny little vehicle, even if you’re just passing through, makes van life as an option all the more attractive.

And that faucet, my goodness…

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