Book Review: “The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit”

How’s this for a fun fact: biologists have found that the desire to be alone has genetic roots and can, to some extent, be measured. The pituitary peptide oxytocin is considered the “master chemical of sociability.” And the hormone vasopressin “may suppress your need for affection.” So with low levels

How Do You Choose Where to Live if You Want to Live Sustainably?

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Our America, Not Trump’s: Living Intentionally in a Trump Presidency and Beyond

We returned home from an extended trip a couple weeks ago to find mouse turds scattered across our counters and a big sickly-looking turd headed for the White House. We were gone for 20 days, having buttoned up the yurt and flown to Italy just four days after Trump’s election. After that