Spotlight: Dirtbag Steve Discovers the Internet

Our friend Steve is a dirtbag. Like, really dirty and really baggy. Like, who-let-him-into-the-yurt dirty.

Maybe you’re a dirtbag too. Or maybe you’re just sociologically curious about that strange fringe of the population. Either way, he recently started a blog that is worth adding to your subscription list, in which he documents his “grungy life searching out free food and work in the beautiful and economically thriving Eastern Sierra.” He takes photos of his knockoff shoes, and cheap camp chairs, and the “meals” he eats out there in the mountains and valleys.

The other night he ate a sausage inside a burrito. You know, dirtbag food. (Seriously, Steve, that looks disgusting.)

Anyway, check it out. Dirtbags unite.

dirtbag steve
Dirtbag Steve eats gross-looking things. Photo by Dirtbag Steve.