Making Maple Syrup: A Reasonable Reading List

Our approach to learning new things — like, say, making maple syrup — could fairly be called a “Learning-Based Approach,” and could perhaps more honestly be described as “slightly willy-nilly.” It goes generally like this:

  1. Get interested in new hobby or skill
  2. Read just a little bit online
  3. Buy the requisite materials — or the materials for a cheaper DIY approximation
  4. Get excited and give it a go
  5. Something goes less than perfectly and get frustrated
  6. Do the troubleshooting reading that should have been included in Step 2
  7. Make adjustments
  8. Things go well and get happy again
collecting sap in a bucket for making maple syrup
First drop in the bucket!

Books on Making Maple Syrup

There are, of course, plenty of books on making maple syrup. If you have the time, by all means, go read those and stop reading this right now. (See if you can buy them from a local bookseller, though.)

Shorter Online Resources for Making Maple Syrup

But maybe you don’t have the time for that (like you’re busy reading books on other important topics), or money for that (like you’re paying for flour to make the pancakes that will soak up your syrup), or the attention for that (like you’re   ).

Anyway, here are the short online resources for making maple syrup that we have found to be useful for a beginner, and a beginner looking to do a small number of taps (say, 5–15) at minimal expense.

Note: When you get more time on your hands, UVM’s Proctor Maple Research Center has cool publications on syrup production.

More to come on our first-timer adventures into the Land of Sticky Sweet! Stay tuned.